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Free Predator Calling Sounds

We see many requests on  Internet varmint hunting forums for free distress sounds that can be downloaded for use on electronic predator calls.  Because most sounds are copyrighted, and the bandwidth for downloads isn't free either, it's hard to find many good quality sounds for free.  We have begun recording our own sounds, for the Foxpro sound library and our own use.  We are making samples of these sounds available here, free of charge.  Please note, these sounds ARE copyrighted - by Rocky Mountain Varmint Hunter, LLC (that's us!).  We are allowing them to be downloaded from our site, for individual non-commercial use only.  All copyrights remain with us and commercial use without consent of Rocky Mountain Varmint Hunter is prohibited.

This is a new project, and we'll be adding to it as we can.  So, please check back often for new sounds!

This is a recording we made of a Utah jack rabbit in distress.  We've had great luck using this sound in the field on our Foxpro! 
Live Jackrabbit in Distress

Here is another jack rabbit in distress with a different sound than the first.  We've just barely recorded this one, and have not had a chance to field test it yet.  So please be sure and let us know how it works for you!
Varmint Safari Jack #3

Rocky Mountain Varmint Hunter

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