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Varmint Safari

Varmint Safari - $13.95 or click Order button for great package deals!  Click here for previews!

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The most exciting varmint hunting video ever!
Our first video, Varmint Safari is two hours of action packed varmint hunting video excitement! Follow along as we go on prairie dog and rock chuck hunts, calling coyotes and jump shooting jack rabbits! A full year in the making, filmed in Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and Nevada. Full of gorgeous scenery from the deserts and prairies to the mountain peaks, thirteen hunts in all, most on public land. Hundreds of spectacular kills made, from 50 yards to over 500 yards - all captured in stunning digital quality. Learn about the rifles, gear and techniques used, as well as strategies for planning your own self guided public land western Varmint Safari! 

Rocky Mountain Varmint Hunter

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