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Topo Scouting
by Dave Affleck

Four coyotes killed using coyote maps.

The author with four coyotes killed on one stand that he located by “topo scouting” an area he had never been to before.

As a predator hunting video maker and a long time Foxpro Field Staff member, I get a lot of questions in email.  These questions range from equipment and ballistics issues to fur handling.  And…  “The Question”, the one I get asked more than any other.

“Where is a good place to go hunt coyotes?” 

In the fall when deer season is over, I get email every day from my fellow Utah hunters asking me “where is a good place”.  The standard response I give, is that I won’t tell them where I go, they need to get out and find a good place on their own.  Because, the nature of hunting coyotes on public land in the West, is such that “where” you hunt, is by far the most important ingredient to success.  But just exactly where I hunt, is constantly changing.  Public land is just that – “public”.  My good spots from one year, often aren’t so good the next year, for any number of reasons, not the least of which is other hunters finding and calling in the same places.  It’s just the nature of the beast that I’m constantly searching out and exploring new areas.  This is not a bad thing though!  For one thing, we here in the West are blessed with virtually unlimited public land to roam at will.  For another, I personally just love to get out and explore new areas.  Truly, for me, having such a good excuse to get out and explore and become familiar with the lonely expanses is one of the most enjoyable aspects of coyote hunting.

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