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Varmint Hunting Video, Varmint Safari

Dave with varmint rifle at bench Tim coyote hunting

The Varmint Safari series of videos are the work of two longtime, hardcore varmint hunting fanatics, who came together to form Rocky Mountain Varmint Hunter (RMVH, LLC).  Those two hunters are myself (Dave Affleck, pictured left) and Tim McKinney (pictured right).  Tim and I both got started varmint hunting as little kids, hunting jack rabbits with our fathers.  We’ve been hunting together now since high school, about 30 years, pursuing everything from ground squirrels to elk.   

One day in early 2001, we got to talking about the fact that there just weren't any good varmint hunting videos on the market that showed the different kinds of varmint hunting we enjoy.  Oh, sure, there were a couple out there showing ground squirrels or prairie dogs getting blown up; but they didn’t offer the kind of excitement and variety that most varmint hunters truly enjoy – and they were sorely lacking in real information.   

Well, to make a long story short, we decided to make a video ourselves.  So, after considerable research, we went out and spent thousands of dollars on equipment, and in July of 2001, filming of Varmint Safari began.  Filming was not completed until June of 2002.  During that year, we filmed almost 20 hunts, capturing over 1,000 kills on film.  Varmint Safari features the best 13 of those hunts, and the best few hundred kills.   

Since releasing our first video, we've now completed three more.

We really think that our Varmint Safari series has achieved our goals of producing exciting, real varmint hunting videos, by real hunters, for real hunters.  We sincerely believe you will enjoy them!  But, if you don't like them, don't worry because we offer the only money back guarantee we know of - if you order any of our videos, and don't think you got your moneys worth, just contact me for a refund!

- Dave Affleck

Rocky Mountain Varmint Hunter

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