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Varmint Hunting and Reloading Forums

Home of The National Predator Hunters Association, the NPHA forums are one of the best sources of in depth, detailed predator hunting information available.  With a focus on high quality, accurate, detailed information.  You won't find a place for higher level predator hunting discussion anywhere.  I'm a moderator on these forums so you'll find me posting here often.
The NPHA Forums
The all new and much improved Foxpro Forums cover all aspects of predator and varmint hunting.  From in depth predator hunting discussion, to electronic callers, to rifles and loads to varmint hunting.  A great source of information.  I'm a moderator here too.
The Foxpro Forums
One of the oldest varmint hunting chat board on the internet.  A good place to get a wide variety of information about varmint hunting, rifles and loads.
Go Go Varmint Go
A site geared specifically towards predator hunting, featuring the best concentration of predator hunting expertise on the internet.  The place where you'll find all the old hands hanging out.
HuntMasters BBS
The best place I've found for the small caliber aficionado.  If you want to talk or learn about the .20, .19 or .17 calibers, or even .14 and .15 calibers, this is the place.
Saubier's Small Caliber Forum
The largest predator hunting site on the internet, with a wide variety of topics covered.
A site for predator hunters, geared towards saving coyote hides and  using .17's.  Home of Shaun Frame, one of the most knowledgeable individuals I've ever encountered when it comes to technical matters related to firearms.
The Coyote Gods

Varmint Hunting Equipment and Services

FOXPRO not only makes the best electronic calls in the industry, but they are some of the nicest people to do business with as well! 
The finest riflesmith I have ever used!  Greg Tannel is one of the top 'smiths in the country.  His rifles need to be owned and used to be fully appreciated.  On top of building super accurate rifles, Greg is also very easy to talk to about your special projects.  Simply put, he's one of the best in the business.
Gre'-Tan Rifles
An online source for a tremendous variety of predator calling equipment, supplies, books and videos.
Todd Kindler's Woodchuck Den.  Rifles and equipment for sale, specializing in small calibers, especially the .17's and .20's.  Todd has long been "the small caliber guru" and a driving force in the recent increased popularity of the .17's and .20's.
Woodchuck Den
Kevin Weaver is well known for his precision rifle smithing.  His website contains a lot of good information on many aspects of precision varmint rifles.  Be sure to also check out his custom rifles and cartridges website where he has some great articles and a lot of information on small caliber wildcats.
Weaver Rifles

Varmint Hunting Information and Publications

Varmint Al's website is the most extensive varmint hunting information site on the Web!  New and experienced varmint hunters alike will find a wealth of information on Al's site. 
Varmint Al's
The Varmint Hunters Association (TVHA)  publishes "The Varmint Hunter Magazine", which is without a doubt the finest varmint hunting magazine available, by far.  If you aren't already a member, you're really missing out on a GREAT magazine!
The Varmint Hunters Association

Rocky Mountain Varmint Hunter

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