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Varmint Hunting Video, Varmint Safari

The RMVH picture gallery

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A few coyotes taken with the .20-250 from Nov. '06.

Dave with first coyote taken using .20-250.

Dave with 44 lb coyote taken with .17 Mach IV.

Dave and a few coyotes from Varmint Safari 4.

A pair howled in and taken with .221 Fireball.

First day afield with Foxpro FX3 and .17 Predator.

Tim on a 'chuck hunting trip from Varmint Safari 3.

Tim with a few pretty Utah coyotes.

Dave with results from first day afield with Foxpro Jack in The Box decoy.

Logan on a rabbit hunting trip.

Large male taken with .17 Predator in Jan. '06.

Tim with .17 Predator and more pretty Utah coyotes.

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Rocky Mountain Varmint Hunter

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