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.22-250 Ackley loaded with 80 gr. bullets Target showing groups shot with .22BR

.22-250AI loaded with 80gr. Starke's for ILDM testing

Results of rapid load development technique with .22BR

Varmint Hunting and Reloading Articles

How to use maps on your computer to find new coyote hunting spots.
Topo Scouting by Dave Affleck

All the grisly and sometimes painful details of my .20-250 project.  More than you probably want to know!
The .20-250 an extreme predator cartridge by Dave Affleck

My newest rifle for coyote calling is chambered in a .17 caliber wildcat created by Dan Clements called the .17 Predator.  Reprinted here, is the article by Dan that ultimately led to me having my rifle built.
The .17 Predator by Dan Clements

Here is an article I wrote about my own .17 Predator project.  It has all the details of my build.
My .17 Predator by Dave Affleck

A short explanation of the MPBR concept, how to use it and why I choose it for all my scoped rifles.
MPBR, a brief explanation by Dave Affleck

This is an article I've written about the rapid load development technique that I use.
Rapid Load Development Method

This one is about the ILDM load testing method.
ILDM Load Testing

This is really just notes I've made to myself.  A couple of years ago, I gathered up all the scraps I had tacked and taped around my loading bench (pictured below), and put them all together into one document.  I've since posted this on a couple of internet discussion forums, and gotten positive feedback, so have decided to include it here to.
Load Notes                                  Reloading Room

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