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The .20-250 an extreme predator rifle

by Dave Affleck

The Rifle – Riflesmith
In researching the .20-250, I talked to a couple of riflesmith’s who had a lot of hands on experience with the cartridge, as well as with other even larger capacity .20 calibers.  One of these riflesmith’s was Greg Tannel.  Greg had already built my current all time favorite rifle, my .17 Predator, and I had nothing but positive experiences with him throughout that project.  Greg also had a superb understanding of what I was trying to accomplish with my .20-250, having done much experimenting along these same lines already himself.  It was a pretty easy decision to have Greg build this rifle.  So, once all the components had arrived, I boxed up them up and sent them off to Greg with instructions on how I wanted the barrels chambered, throated etc.  In addition to chambering the two barrels I also had Greg pillar bed the action into the stock.

Pictured above are the components of my .20-250:

Nesika Model T with a Jewell HVR trigger and Rem. BDL bottom metal
Lilja #4, .204 12 twist, to be chambered in .20-250
Lilja #4 .243 13 twist, to be chambered in 6/284 (another project!)
McMillan Rem. Classic pattern stock
Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x44/Talley bases and rings

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Why the .20-250?
Why is flat trajectory so important?
Choosing an action, trigger and stock
Choosing a barrel
The scope
The Riflesmith
Loading dies & forming cases
Load work
Bullet performance issues
Final thoughts

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