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The .20-250 an extreme predator rifle

by Dave Affleck

The Rifle Scope
Previously, all the rifles I have setup in the Rem. Classic stocks and using the Lilja #4 barrels had been equipped with Leupold 4.5-14x40 scopes, with medium duplex reticules.  I really have no major complaints with these scopes.  In general, they have served me admirably.  But, I have to admit, though Ive never had any real complaints, Ive never felt like they were anywhere near perfect, either.  One minor complaint I always had, was the fact that the eye relief changes with magnification on these scopes.  A small matter, a nit pick, really.  But, one that had caused me minor irritation on countless occasions.  My favorite thing about them has always been their small size and light weight when compared to most other quality scopes of the same magnification range.

On this rifle though, I knew that with the Nesika, I was starting with a somewhat larger and heavier action than usual.  I also figured that the barrel would end up longer than usual as well.  So I knew from the start Id end up with a somewhat larger and heavier rifle.  So, I thought, what the heck, may as well add a few more ounces and try another scope besides the Leupold.  My main criteria were simply that I wanted something in the same magnification range, and I wanted constant eye relief.  Oh, and I wanted glass that I thought was better than Leupold.  In the end, I chose a Zeiss Conquest, 4.5-14x44.  It has turned out to be precisely as I had expected and hoped.  Other than being larger and heavier, I really do like it more than my Leupolds.  And, as it turned out, the place I found the best price on the Zeiss, was giving away free Talley rings and bases with them.  And coincidentally, Talley is one of the few manufacturers that has a standard set of bases that fit the Nesika action and also come with the larger 8x42 screws that the Nesika is tapped for.  Perfect!

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Why the .20-250?
Why is flat trajectory so important?
Choosing an action, trigger and stock
Choosing a barrel
The scope
The Riflesmith
Loading dies & forming cases
Load work
Bullet performance issues
Final thoughts

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