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The .20-250 an extreme predator rifle

by Dave Affleck

Loading Dies and Brass Forming
For loading dies to use with the .20-250, I simply used Redding .22-250 bushing style dies that I already had on hand.  All I had to do, was first chuck the decapping rod from the Redding Competition neck sizing die in a drill motor to file and polish the diameter of the decapping pin keeper down enough to fit through smaller .20 caliber necks.  Then simply reassemble the die and use with appropriately smaller neck sizing bushings for the .20 caliber.  Necking down new .22-250 cases to .20 caliber was accomplished with a single pass through the neck sizing die.  Piece of cake!  For bullet seating, I simply use the Redding .22-250 Competition seating die with no alterations.  Loaded rounds have very minimal runout.  If I ever need to bump the shoulders, Iíll use the Redding .22-250 body die.

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Why the .20-250?
Why is flat trajectory so important?
Choosing an action, trigger and stock
Choosing a barrel
The scope
The Riflesmith
Loading dies & forming cases
Load work
Bullet performance issues
Final thoughts

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