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My .17 Predator

by Dave Affleck.

The Rifle Ė Scope
The scope was another easy decision.  All the rifles I have setup in the Rem. Classic stocks and using the Lilja #4 barrels are equipped with Leupold 4.5-14x40 scopes, with medium duplex reticles.  I could write many pages about how I ended up with this particular scope and reticle on my hunting rifles.  But the bottom line, is that for a rifle that will get used on a variety of varmints in a variety of situations, the 4.5-14 magnification is an excellent compromise.  Personally, after owning and using them, I see no practical advantage to a 50mm objective on these scopes.  Just more bulk, weight and cost.  So the 40mm is an easy choice for me.  And again, after having used a number of reticle styles, Iíve found the duplex best suits my style for a rifle that sees a good variety of situations.  Iíve also found, that for me, I prefer Leupoldís medium duplex over their fine duplex Ė especially for fast action shooting like called coyotes or jump shooting jack rabbits.  If it werenít for the fact that I also use these scopes for shooting rock chucks and prairie dogs, Iíd probably go for the full heavy duplex.  Iíve put Leupoldís on these rifles, rather than other makes, mostly due to size and weight.  I donít consider the Leupoldís anywhere near perfect, but do consider them a pretty darn good compromise of optical and mechanical quality vs. size, weight and cost.  So, the Leupold 4.5-14x40 with medium duplex that was already on the Model Seven would simply go back into the Burris Signature rings after the new .17 Predator barrel was installed.

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The Cartridge
Choosing an action
Choosing a stock
Choosing a barrel
The scope
The Riflesmith
Loading dies & forming cases
Load work
Results in the field
Final thoughts

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